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Edinburgh Clinic

Clinic Days
Wednesday 1pm — 7pm every week
Thursday 1pm — 4pm every week
Friday 9am — 12pm every week
Clinic Calendar
Wed 28th of July 2021
Thu 29th of July 2021
Fri 30th of July 2021
Wed 4th of August 2021
Thu 5th of August 2021
Fri 6th of August 2021
Wed 11th of August 2021
Thu 12th of August 2021
Fri 13th of August 2021
Wed 18th of August 2021
Thu 19th of August 2021
Fri 20th of August 2021
Wed 25th of August 2021
Thu 26th of August 2021
Fri 27th of August 2021
Wed 1st of September 2021
Thu 2nd of September 2021
Fri 3rd of September 2021
Wed 8th of September 2021
Thu 9th of September 2021
Fri 10th of September 2021
Wed 15th of September 2021
Thu 16th of September 2021
Fri 17th of September 2021
Wed 22nd of September 2021
Thu 23rd of September 2021
Fri 24th of September 2021
Wed 29th of September 2021
Thu 30th of September 2021
Fri 1st of October 2021
Wed 6th of October 2021
Thu 7th of October 2021
Fri 8th of October 2021
Wed 13th of October 2021
Thu 14th of October 2021
Fri 15th of October 2021
Wed 20th of October 2021
Thu 21st of October 2021
Fri 22nd of October 2021
Wed 27th of October 2021
Thu 28th of October 2021
Fri 29th of October 2021
Wed 3rd of November 2021
Thu 4th of November 2021
Fri 5th of November 2021
Wed 10th of November 2021
Thu 11th of November 2021
Fri 12th of November 2021
Wed 17th of November 2021
Thu 18th of November 2021
Fri 19th of November 2021
Wed 24th of November 2021
Thu 25th of November 2021
Fri 26th of November 2021
Wed 1st of December 2021
Thu 2nd of December 2021
Fri 3rd of December 2021
Wed 8th of December 2021
Thu 9th of December 2021
Fri 10th of December 2021
Wed 15th of December 2021
Thu 16th of December 2021
Fri 17th of December 2021
Wed 22nd of December 2021
Thu 23rd of December 2021
Fri 24th of December 2021
Wed 29th of December 2021
Thu 30th of December 2021
Fri 31st of December 2021
Clinic Address
Tara Trust,
15 Rosebery Crescent,
EH12 5JY
Contact Details (for appointments)
mobile: +44 (0)7593360347
(Please note that appointments cancelled with less than 48 hours notice may be subject to a cancellation fee.)