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Dr Soktsang


Dr Lobsang Dhonden Soktsang has extensive experience in Traditional Tibetan Medicine having studied and practised over the past thirty years in Tibet, India and the UK. He trained at the Central Medical Institute for Traditional Tibetan Medicine in Lhasa, Tibet, and graduated with a First Class General Medical Degree.

After graduating Dr Soktsang worked at the Lhasa Mentsi-Khang Hospital, a centre of excellence in Traditional Tibetan Medicine. Later he studied in Dharamsala, India, where he was awarded the MEN-RAMPA (Tib.) – the equivalent of a Masters Degree in Tibetan Medicine. Dr Soktsang then gained further experience working in various clinics around India, and he established his own clinic in Orrisa en-Rampa.

Dr Soktsang came to the UK in 2001 at the invitation of the late Dr Akong Tulku Rinpoche, trustee of Tara Trust and Director of the Tara Institute of Tibetan Medicine (TITM).

At the request of Dr Akong Rinpoche and other directors of TITM, Dr Soktsang took up residence in Edinburgh. He was employed by Tara Trust from 2001 to 2016 to practise and promote Traditional Tibetan Medicine in the West, according to Akong Rinpoche’s wish and vision.

Dr Soktsang is a founder member of the British Association of Traditional Tibetan Medicine (BATTM) which is committed to statutory regulation of herbal and traditional medical systems in the UK and Europe.
Dr Soktsang holds regular clinics in Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, Dumfriesshire and Dublin.