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Welcome To Soktsang Tibetan Medicine

Traditional Tibetan medicine uses a holistic approach to restoring and maintaining a healthy body and mind. It is not a quick fix for specific symptoms but is a longer term method of restoring health through balance.

Traditional Tibetan Medicine is safe and is appropriate for anyone. You don't have to be Tibetan and you don't have to be a Buddhist. It can be used on its own or in conjuction with Western medicine.

Dr Soktsang is a very experienced practicioner of Traditional Tibetan medicine.

He holds a First Class General Medical Degree from the Central Medical Institute for Traditional Tibetan Medicine in Lhasa, Tibet and was also awarded the MEN-RAMPA (Tib.), the equivalent of a Masters Degree in Tibetan Medicine, after further study in Dharamsala, India.

If you would like to make an appointment to see Dr Soktsang at one of his clinics, please contact the clinic directly using the details given on the Clinics page..